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Blessed Mother Message
Thursday, October 25, 2012

The apparition of the Blessed Mother continues at the Shrine of the Heart within Synchronicity Sanctuary. She appears daily and is witnessed by the many people who visit. Her divine presence is most palpable at the apparition site and permeates the entire surrounding Sanctuary.

Periodic sessions are offered at the apparition site with Master Charles Cannon. He offers his introductory remarks, leads a few minutes of chanting and then shares his experience of the apparition and the Blessed Mother's message.

On a beautiful moon-lit, autumn evening, Thursday, October 25, 2012 during the October Stillpointe Retreat and Yagna at Synchronicity Sanctuary, Master Charles arrived at the Shrine of the Heart to greet the many who were assembled. After taking his seat, followed by a period of quiet contemplation, he spoke as follows:

"I take this opportunity to welcome you in the awareness of our Oneness ... one Source ... one Consciousness ... one God ... one Life. It is in this holistic awareness... in this very moment... that you are welcomed.

"As is usual on these evenings, we will chant for a few minutes as the apparitional manifestion increases. It is already here because of the Retreat and Yagna. The presence is very palpable. The vibrational field has already been established so the apparitional manifestation is much easier. While we are chanting, it is your last opportunity to make any noise whatsoever, to move your body in any way. Once the chanting stops, be absolutely still, focused upon your heart as I endeavor to share with you what I see and hear. So let us begin with the chanting of Om Ama Rani Om. Let us see if we can align our frequency of vibration with the apparitional field that is already here.

(Chanting begins and continues for over 15 minutes. At its conclusion, Master Charles pauses for awhile and then slowly speaks with long pause between sentences.)

“Be absolutely still and wakeful here and now. Be aware of the interior of your being, the silence within the shrine of your own heart. Maintain this inward focus on the silence and the purity of your being. Can you open to the possibility of archetypal Universal Consciousness assuming a subtle form and having a relationship with you ... here and now?

“As we have been chanting, the apparitional vortex has moved from the Grotto, to my left, and expanded to encompass this Shrine. If you are subtly aware you can feel the presence - lords and masters, saints and sages, avatars and gurus, all times, all dimensions, all universes - accompany this apparitional manifestation... right here and right now.

(Master Charles pauses for a few minutes, then resumes speaking more softly and slowly.)

“Slowly the four columns surrounding the statue fill with light - golden light, rose-colored light - and the statue itself comes alive ... a neon-like light form in the place of the statue. Her arms and hands are folded over Her heart and Her gaze is downward and inward. Adjusting to the frequency of this dimension takes some time. The light increases its radiance and Her form glows bright - blue and violet, within the golden light. She lifts Her head and opens Her eyes. She is gazing directly at me ... radiant eyes, dilated with bliss ... a love no words can describe. Her fragrance saturates the air... thousands upon thousands of roses and gardenias. The breeze gently stirs to spread the fragrance to you. She is now gazing at all of you, radiating love and light and blessing. And She indicates to me that She is ready with Her message.
(Master Charles speaks even more slowly and softly.)

“She says:

I am as I am ...
I am as you experience me to be ...
Blessed Mother ... Divine Mother ... all are one ...
I am the One in the Many.

I appear that you might know the truth of who you are and what life is ...
Life is Divine, You are Alive, You are Divine ...
All and everything is Divine ...
Honor the Divinity of Life.

The shrine of the heart is a most sacred place ...
It is the abode of the One ...
And the One is the Many.

I am the sun, the moon and the stars overhead ...
I am the air that you breathe ... I am the ground beneath your feet ...
I am the unity within all diversity.
I am all that is and is not.

I offer you my grace and blessing ...
I am always with you as you ...
I am the One in the Many ...
I am as I am.

(At this point Master Charles pauses. When he resumes speaking, it is very slow, very soft with long pauses, and his voice conveys a deep absorption in bliss.)

"She has completed her message and now invites us to meditate with Her for a moment or two. Be aware of your heart, the shrine of your heart. She has lifted her arms with Her hands and palms facing us, and from Her hands beams of light are connecting to each of your hearts. Be aware of the shrine of your heart. Open to the blessing of lifetimes. (A brief meditation follows.)

"She now indicates that the blessing is complete. She has folded Her hands again across Her heart and looking directly at me conveys a love for which I have no words. Her hands and arms now lift upward to the heavens above. Her head tilts back and in a posture of absolute abandon to ecstasy, the apparitional manifestation dissolves, merges into a column of light and disperses upward and backward into the surrounding forest. (Master Charles pauses for an extended period of time. Upon resuming, his speech is slower yet and even softer.)

"Yet the presence lingers, saturating this very sacred place. The wind and the trees are singing the song of Oneness. Listen. Can you hear the song of Divine Life? Everything is singing this song. It is the music of the spheres of One Consciousness. (Another long pause.) Be aware of the presence, Her presence, saturating this place. Be aware.

"I thank you for your stillness ... your silence ... and if you will give me a moment or two to transition we shall complete this experience. (Another long pause.)

"Be still and silent and honoring of this sacred place as you relinquish it this evening. Linger as long as you wish. Drink deep of this sacred well. And when it is time, I will meet you again. And once again, I welcome you in the awareness of our oneness. Yes!


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