Everyone is invited to participate and experience the empowering presence of the Blessed Mother's apparitional manifestation with the following guidelines:

  1. A public area with a small pavilion has been prepared adjacent to the Shrine of the Heart.
  1. Visitors will be escorted via contemplative walking trails to the pavilion where they can sit in silent meditation.
  1. Master Charles will be available on a daily basis at specific times to welcome visitors and sit quietly with them in the Meditation Hall.
  1. Master Charles requests that everyone maintain the sacred environment of the Sanctuary and remain as silent as possible. Please observe dignified and respectful standards of conduct and communication.
  1. The Sanctuary, The Shrine of the Heart, and The Stillpointe Monastery are simple expressions of pure spiritual intention. It is into this rustic, non-sectarian environment that the Blessed Mother's apparition has manifested. Please remain aware of this intention.
  1. Those wishing to further participate are invited to inquire about our retreats and the daily holistic lifestyle schedule of the Sanctuary. Please ask for details.
  1. Limited accommodations are available for those who wish to spend additional time with us. Please inquire for details.
  1. Synchronicity Foundation is solely responsible for the Sanctuary, Shrine of the Heart, and Stillpointe Monastery. You are invited to contribute to the support of this experience. Synchronicity Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible. Public support is deeply appreciated.


Since the announcement of the Blessed Mother Apparition, many people have asked how they can participate from a distance. Here is a way to fulfill this conscious intention:

Incense is burned on a daily basis at the Pavilion (public apparition site), as well as in the Grotto. Master Charles has selected a special incense for this purpose.

Interested individuals are invited to purchase the incense to be burned in their name as a means of joining the celebration. Pricing is as follows:

One month - $35

Three months - $100

If you wish to participate, please contact us at 757.644.3400 or via email:

It's Time for a New God - The Weekend Retreat

It's Time for a New God - The Weekend Retreat is a most empowering way to experience Master Charles and the Blessed Mother apparition in an in-residence context within the holistic environment of the Sanctuary. Included is a four-part seminar, a Contemporary Empowerment with Master Charles, daily visits to the Blessed Mother apparition site, and much more. Click here for detailed information: