What People Are Saying

The Blessed Mother has appeared to many and everyone experiences Her sacred and divine presence. Here are some of their experiences in their own words:

“It was always very peaceful up at the Pavilion. I always had deep meditations. It was one of my favorite parts of the day. The Shrine itself is beautiful. I did not hear or see anything, but I did get whiffs of fragrances, and always a deep sense of peace. I went up there one day, without anyone else around and shed a few tears because I was so peaceful.”

- G.C. Colorado

“While walking down the mountain, noticing the balance and openness of my heart, I saw a white cloud-like form in the sunlight. I began to look closer and my sense, after looking from several different angles, factoring the sun’s position, etc. …was that it was the Mother. The same sighting occurred again a few yards further down the hill.”

- A.A. Nashville, TN

“At the Pavilion Apparition site, I felt happy, blissful, peaceful, content, focused, still, fulfilled, and rejuvenated. The whole area where the Blessed Mother is, is scintillating with particles of shimmering energy and light. The statue, its immediate surroundings and the forest behind are swaying side to side and back and forth. When I close my eyes, on a background of green color, circles of golden color appear and disappear.”

- A.B. Phoenix, AZ

“During Thursday night’s Empowerment with Master Charles, the Blessed Mother joined me – there were exotic smells (predominantly roses) mixed with fragrances I had not yet experienced. I felt my face being caressed with a feeling of unconditional love. It was my most palpable experience of her yet – a gentle, personal encounter with the Divine!”

- L.K. Canada

"I experienced a witnessing, an opening and awareness of an expanded heart. The area around the statue became luminous, like a sheer white glow. The morning after my visit to the Shrine on my walk before meditation, I felt the Blessed Mother accompanying me for part of the way. Thank you!"

- D. R. North Carolina

"I felt the powerful presence of Divine Mother and Master Charles rocking my body with a vivid physical creation of Her temple in my heart, surrounded by golden warmth and love, bliss and expansion. On the second visit, more of the above - then the thought/feeling of sadness that I would be leaving, followed instantly by hearing "I am with you always, wherever you are." After this, I experienced a huge shift in self-acceptance, which has continued."

- P. C. Tennessee

The Blessed Mother appears to me as glimmering multicolored light and leaves me immersed in a feeling of love and contentment. I continue to feel her presence wherever I am and whatever I am engaged in.

- J.C. Nellysford, VA

I was staying at the Sanctuary when the physical presence of the Blessed Mother was announced, and the huge increase in love and bliss I felt over the following weeks was unmistakable.

- M.R. New Zealand

I have seen the Blessed Mother on many occasions here at the Shrine of the Heart and feel her presence often as well. Many times when I see her or feel her, she touches my heart and flows loving energy to me gracefully and beautifully. I have seen even the most skeptical people melt into tears of joy right in front of my eyes.

- T.S.  Nellysford, VA

I felt an intense energy vibrating in my heart.  This became so strong, it felt like my heart would burst. I knew it was Her gift for my heart.  Also, I smelled Her fragrance and saw a translucent vibratory energy field in the area around the Pavilion.

- D.A. Nashville, TN 

I saw the Blessed Mother’s form exactly as Master Charles has described Her.  I see Her colors and feel / sense Her presence.  I can also hear Her words. 

- B.P.  Nashville, TN

I experienced tremendous third eye pressure and then a shimmering diamond-like energy around the statue.  Then, I saw Her hands moving as She spoke. 

- C.W.  Houston, TX

When Master Charles arrived at the Pavilion (public apparition site), I saw a large bubble of golden light surrounding him. It was spectacular. As we began to meditate, I saw many subtle manifestations of Christ and Buddha-like figures as well as some monks and nuns - along with the subtle form of Baba Muktananda, Master Charles’ teacher. I saw their images emerge from the forest and form to the right of the Blessed Mother statue.

Next, I saw a white kaleidoscopic shape envelop the statue, and for the first time, I saw a complete image of the Blessed Mother manifest over the statue. She was very luminous with a long indigo colored veil from head to toe and golden halos all around her. I could not see her hands or the details of her face, nor could I hear her. Nonetheless, She was spectacular and I reveled in the experience. When it was time for Her to depart, she coalesced into a column of brilliant gold light over the statue. The light was of a brilliance and purity that simply does not exist in the material world. Afterwards, I felt very blissful.

Later, she appeared to me twice… once before and once after Master Charles entered the room. Each time, I was filled with light and an absorptive ecstasy that I recognized as Her sacred presence that I have experienced before. On this occasion, for the first time, I smelled roses and gardenias. After this, I was so intoxicated with bliss, I could barely walk and I felt that She re-structured me at the quantum level of my being.

- J.K. Edison, NJ

As we came up to the Pavilion, I chose to stand by the trees on the right of the group. I was looking at the far end of the Pavilion toward the Grotto. In a while I saw Her stand to the side of the opening between the trees. I did not have my glasses on so She looked a bit fuzzy. It looked like Her head, arms and torso were light in color. Her arms were folded in front of Her chest. I began to silently express my delight in experiencing Her presence in my life. I said that it has been wonderful and that I feel so ever grateful to have been chosen. As I said, "I love it! I love it! I love it!" She quickly and playfully shook her head from side to side. Then I saw Master Charles' very tall silhouette appear between two large trees behind her. He was standing sideways with his left side toward us.

- G.M. Nashville, TN

At the Pavilion today, the energy was so strong and so sweeping, it left me immovable for most of the time. It's just overwhelming - a whack of energy that is striking. Thoughts of doubt came and I heard Her saying to me, "Now, stop it - cut it out, enough is enough!", and then a much bigger energy just overwhelmed the cacophony that comes out of my mind.

- E.K. New York, NY

I had the question, "What is the best way to serve now?" and I heard: "It is not to Her, it is with Her -- to be present, awake, and aware moment by moment. You will each be called to serve in your own way as your heart opens and expands and your Consciousness evolves. There are no more patterns or paths to follow. Walk where your feet are and simply put your attention on me and allow your service to unfold."

- K.L. Redlands, CA

During the meditation at the Pavilion, I saw blue and violet light and Her face fading in and out. It felt wonderful and I am so very excited because I never thought this would be possible for me. Truly miraculous.

J.G. Faber, VA

As soon as I sat down for the first meditation at the Pavilion, I felt a deep, powerful energy that so overwhelmed me, tears flowed down. I sensed a subtle feminine form, which, when I asked "why am I here at this time?" seemed to beckon to me, calling me to her. Then it was as if I was surrounded by her and she entered me, and I could sense her energetic presence had infused the entire place and everyone and everything. I continued to experience her presence as I walked down the hill and onwards as a pulsating, undulating energy.

One day it was as if she touched my forehead at the hairline with such compassionate understanding - a complete loving acceptance - and such absolute simplicity. I was enveloped with her energy as tears flowed and I felt great peace.

G.O. Great Barrington, MA

I felt and saw her hands take hold of mine and then I felt her move into my whole body. I feel her light, and see the light. It permeates. It shimmers. It bathes me.

M.C. San Diego, CA

She's very tall and white and gauzy. A column about 12 ft. tall. There was a white patch just inside the woods that wouldn't go away and my face kept turning there. She sat by me when I first arrived and enveloped me. Later, she ran her very long finger down my heart.

M. L. Faber, VA

At the Pavilion, I saw what seemed to be the faint (not solid) shapes of a female form. (white in color) - face, side of face, side on figure and front on figure. The images appeared and re-formed quickly. This lasted a short while, rather like pulsing in and out of my inner vision.

Then, throughout the meditation, a series of mandala-like circles coming and going - vivid electric blue - they kept changing, always breaking up into triangles of light. For awhile the outside edge always zigzagged. The blue light did not fill the circle - it was more like splinters or shapes of color. For awhile a solid gold background appeared behind the mandala shapes. At the end of the meditation a dusky pink color began to appear. The above experiences are uncharacteristic for me, as my meditations do not contain color, apart from tiny spots of blue at times.

M.R. Auckland, NZ

"The lady figure radiated a pale blue aura around her head and shoulders - and at times, seemed alive."

VB - Charlottesville, VA

"I saw the aura around the statue and could feel energy on top of my head. Almost like rubbing a hand across my head. I smelled roses as we finished our meditation."

SM - Richmond, VA

"I'm never disappointed when I come to visit. Each time my awareness expands and I look forward to returning. The peace and energy at the shrine is wonderful."

TC - Roanoke, VA

“In the environment in our final evening of meditation with Master Charles, the Blessed Mother embraced the whole group.

The Blessed Mother was standing near me, putting one hand on my crown. There was a male standing by her side. There were colors of pink and gold. There was an elephant coming from the right side with a princely figure riding on it, like an Indian, and there was a half circle of Indian, Thai, and Asian Masters, all in festive clothing.

My morning walks had not included the steep hill to the Apparition site. On my final walk in the morning, I felt invited by the Blessed Mother to walk all the way up to the Apparition area. It was blissful and no effort was experienced. I heard a voice saying ‘ Be truthful to yourself’ I had my Ipod on and it was in shuffle mode and then a beautiful female voice came on singing Ave Maria and then Alleluia. I looked up to the sky and saw the moon. Then, at the morning meditation the room was filled with subtle beings. I am grateful.”

- M.H. Los Angeles, CA

“I felt warmth and slow involuntary movement throughout my body. I heard multiple tones in addition to the 108 Names of Mother Divine CD. There was blue light above Master Charles by about 8-12 inches.”

- M.L. Chicago, IL

“I felt so full of love – it was very moving and beautiful.”

- L.G. Toronto, Canada

“I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and feeling of surrendering to the divine will.”

- S.Y. Singapore

“I smelled roses and felt open-hearted, loving, oneness and gratitude.”

- D.A. Nashville, TN

“I felt some turmoil with my thoughts, and then moments of great calmness. My clarity was very sharp and I was noticing many things I wouldn’t normally have noticed. My experience here at the Sanctuary is always new and refreshing.”

- B.D. Pittsburgh, PA

“During my Empowerment on Tuesday night, I experienced a miracle. I felt a subtle, gentle finger touch me approximately one inch below my navel before Master Charles came in the room. I had been experiencing severe monthly pain in that area for the past several years. The day after I arrived here, it started up again and after this touch in the Empowerment, the pain completely disappeared! The significance of this is profound for me because of the healing that has occurred in this specific area of my body at this particular time. I am extremely grateful and acknowledge and thank the Blessed Mother for intervening in my healing.”

- M.Z. New Jersey

“At the Apparition site, I felt love. During the meditation in the Environment, I felt my heart open. And then I felt very aware of my heart beating against my chest. I was then directed to put my hands over my heart, then outward. At that point I had a sense of Her being in my arms. I felt like I had a Divine hug. I was also experimenting up at the Pavilion and saw Her cape move in the breeze. I also thought I saw white light around the statue. I wasn’t really sure because I was just messing around with it, but the experience in the Environment, I know was her.”

- S.H. Alabama

"She came down and held me in her arms and rocked me. She then spoke to me and told me that I was "Okay" and loved. During the silent meditation up at the Pavilion the next day, I sensed /saw light and the color gold. Thank you."

- A.R. North Carolina

"The most dramatic feelings I had were in the presence of Master Charles. I never really felt I could connect with the Blessed Mother. I felt Master Charles - perhaps She was so much in his field that is what I felt? The sensate experience was transportive - from his heavenly scent to the lovely soft tap of the rose petals during the group Empowerment, to his amazing touch. I was able to connect to the experience of his expansiveness and feel this as a beacon for me. Thank you all. I am blessed to have manifested Synchronicity in my life!"

- J. B. Tennessee

With the arrival of the Blessed Mother apparition I noticed a radical increase in the spiritual energy at the Synchronicity Sanctuary and a corresponding, on-going expansion in my own awareness. I have learned to create what I want and to appreciate what I have. More than ever, I am recognizing my own divinity and seeing God/dess in the world around me. In a world where there is far too much suffering, I am so grateful for this powerful oasis of peace.

- C.L.  Nellysford, VA

Whenever I enter the public apparition area, I am overwhelmed with a dynamic stillness that I cannot explain, but enjoy immensely. As a resident of Nelson County, I am delighted that such a miraculous experience is available here in our midst and I ardently hope that Her message of peace and acceptance spreads throughout the world.

- S.M. Nellysford, VA

With the Blessed Mother, the love that permeates this place is immeasurable. It is heaven on earth.

- D.J. Nellysford, VA

The Blessed Mother Apparition has literally changed my life. When I sit in Her presence, I feel surrounded by a silence that is alive and sacred. She has conveyed messages, visions, and insights to me on many occasions. Through Her wisdom, I have understood myself and my life purpose.

- A.S.  Nellysford, VA

As Master Charles described, I saw a shimmering light form move from the left side of the Pavilion area to the gazebo.  It seemed to meld with the statue, making it sharper and more vivid.  I saw a lot of sparkling particles like diamond dust.  I also had a very open, peaceful feeling in my heart.

- N.S. Nellysford, VA

I see an almost blinding white light when I open my eyes to look.  It is concentrated around the statue, but is also in the background and surrounding area.  The energy also appears in the form of vibrating waves.

- P.D. Nellysford, VA

Each day, I saw mandalas of white light around and upon the statue and a luminous “blue pearl” over Her heart.  Within the statue itself, I saw a Christ-like figure and a female form merged together as one.  Finally, I saw Master Charles with golden light all around him.

- J.K.  Edison, NJ

I was filled with a sense of reverence and compassion, powerfully reflected from Her to me, empowering my heart and awakening my spirit.

- A.A.  Nashville, TN

As I sat down, I was already saturated with peace and love that flowed from my heart and filled my whole being with gratitude. A minute or two into the meditation, there was an experience that felt like somebody tapped me on the top of my head with a wooden stick and it made a hollow wooden sound. I immediately found myself in an intoxicated state. I tried to sit up straight on several occasions but would immediately slump over. Opening the eyes was a feat in itself, so I gave up on that after a couple of attempts.

Throughout the whole meditation, waves of blissful love, peace and deep, deep contentment would flood my being!

I heard the high pitched vibration that Master Charles described as a hallmark of the subtle dimensions and in my inner vision, there was just a golden, shimmering luminosity, oscillating back and forth like liquid gold. A couple of times, a female face would emerge and then disappear back into the golden liquid.

The times when I would open my eyes (for short periods), I would see the Blessed Mother statue and the aura around her vibrating (like heat waves on a hot summer's day), and the air would be filled with small shimmering particles, like small snow crystals, that would go in and out of manifestation quickly. The whole area had an inner glow to it.

- M.T. Nellysford, VA

I have been up to the Pavilion many times, but today, I found the energy particularly engulfing and very thick. It took me right into a deep meditation. The color that Master Charles is wearing right now is the color that appeared in the stillness (very deep plum). A white web-like image was there as well, but it was stillness, no mind - watching this happen. When I opened my eyes, to the right of the statue was a luminous, vibrating energy form with the face of the Mother.

- B.G. Nellysford, VA

Usually when I go up to the Pavilion I see the statue of the Blessed Mother moving. That doesn't happen now - I see her stand out and everything in the background moves in a shimmering kind of way. The statue glows. The first time I went up there, the whole background disappeared into white light - it was very exciting.

- N.G. Waynesboro, VA

My experience of the Blessed Mother is very heartwarming. I feel a warm embrace and love continuously, like I have never experienced before in my life. It just flows in my heart. I enjoy that love that I have yearned for. I have no words. my experience each time I go up there to the Blessed Mother has increased profoundly and right now my legs are so light, I'm surprised I'm standing on them!

- E.C. Waynesboro, VA

When I began my meditation, I felt a pressure in my forehead and then I heard laughter - playful laughter - and then it faded away into the sound of tinkling glass chimes. As that ended, there were woodpeckers (making a Woody Woodpecker laugh), that flew thru the woods and one of them landed on a tree next to the Pavilion. I felt it was echoing the laughter I heard in my meditation.

- M.J. Richmond, VA

My experience was the play of stillness. It was simultaneous agitation, and at the same time, a calming - I kept yawning and yawning. I was experiencing both, so it was a dance. Then, I heard in my head a voice saying, "Are you ready to serve?" I automatically closed my eyes when I sat down and I heard her say, "Look at me - be whole!" I opened my eyes and saw the clarity of energy and movement.

- L.F. Redlands, CA

My experience at the Pavilion was a very blissful, expanded state - no outer visual phenomena, except for extreme clarity. I heard the woodpeckers and was so tuned in to the nature around me. Often, up there, I get insights, and this time I got this haiku:

I am the holy water
I am the blessed thirst
I am One and whole.

- M.D. Nellysford, VA

An overall stillness and peacefulness filled the space. After a while during my meditation, I experienced a distinct energetic presence moving towards me and enveloping me in a gentle and loving embrace. My heart opened to it and I was filled with love and bliss.

M.K. Nellysford, VA

I felt her watching and showering blessings. A face appeared in the trees and a very translucent light blue shape around it, fading in and out. I felt much love and gratitude for this opportunity to be here at this time and be of service.

I sat down on the bench when I arrived and simply looked around and was gazing at the flowers, rocks and woodchips. After about fifteen minutes, three blackbirds flew out of the trees above the rock area. I felt invited to focus on that space and so I stared into the trees. After a few minutes, the details of the trees dissolved and it looked luminous and vibrating. The space was lighter and bluish. Then, a beautiful female face appeared among the faint tree outlines. It was smiling. It then turned into a series of beautiful animal faces - all looking very loving and wise - a female wolf, a lion, a bear, an owl - and then a female again. I felt Her eyes looking into me thru the trees. I sat on the hard bench for an hour and a half and didn't feel the slightest physical discomfort.

I closed my eyes to meditate and experienced stillness. I opened my eyes to look into the trees and they morphed and blended together as one energy. I saw a bluish figure with her arms and hands up in the air in a celebratory pose and then she was lounging with her head thrown back among the tree branches. And then, she sat in lotus position meditating. And then took the other poses again as well. Later, I felt she was telling me to loosen up and celebrate more, just relax and enjoy.

Early morning: I found myself not able to look up into the trees at first. I was feeling aware of the many stupid things I have done and apologized for my stupidness. How can I celebrate that? I sensed amusement and the answer that came was "Celebrate that you recognize stupidness." After some tears of gratitude, I looked up at the trees and after a few minutes, a beautiful female face appeared among the branches. At first, it looked like it was just part of the tree shaped like a face, but as I looked at it and relaxed my gaze, the face was obviously conscious and alive. It looked ageless, all-knowing, all-seeing. It (She) was smiling. I communed with this image until it was time to go.

I gazed into the trees and again a face appeared. She was smiling, showering blessings upon all. At times I saw one large eye looking at us. I closed my eyes and experienced stillness. The trees all blend into one and pulsated with energy.

I had just eaten dinner and thought this might prevent me from seeing her. I tried not to look for her, but just closed my eyes to meditate. I opened them after awhile and found her face again among the branches of the trees above the stones. She was smiling. I felt deeply moved by her presence.

First an eye appeared, and as I focused in on it, the other eye and the smile came into view. My body was locked in place, as well as my breath. As I stared at the eyes, they went deeply into me, transmitting Divine Feminine energy and love. I couldn't blink or move for quite a while. I am still intoxicated and my eyes fill with tears when I contemplate this experience. Afterward I gazed at the woodchips on the ground in front of me and there was her face among them! Also a message: "I am the very ground you walk upon. Commune with me." Now I know exactly what is meant by the term "sacred ground"! I found myself wondering if I was just hallucinating and I heard her say, "Do you want to doubt or celebrate? Your choice!"

K.S. Faber, VA

After sitting only a few moments, I noticed a tall slim presence slowly swirling and misty on the edges. The energy was very peaceful and the sense I got was an affinity for unity.

P.S. Nellysford, VA

While walking the hill, as I engaged my habit of repeating the Divine Mother affirmation, I suddenly and unexpectedly noticed in my inner vision the presence of Her form - just appearing there in a beautiful and vivid blue color with a blue / blue white surrounding. This inner vision has persisted and it is there whenever I stop for a moment and am still. Especially during contemplative walking, it remains as a more or less constant feature, changing and morphing at times. At first, I thought "wishful thinking has manifested" and I am just producing this on my own. But its clarity and visionary sublimity is beyond my individual capacity to maintain and there is a definite quickening, expanded awareness, and sense of purity associated with this experience which is undeniable. Many very positive and uplifting things have (and are) happening for me and I feel that I am definitely in Her Presence and am being guided, assisted, loved by Her.

Today at the Pavilion while meditating: red roses and a feminine form with red rose petals covering her head.

A.S. Faber, VA

On the day we meditated in the Pavilion, I at first looked at the stones with the flowers in them and decided to quiet my mind by closing my eyes. I immediately went very deep and just caught myself passing out and falling forwards on the bench. I looked at the flower area again and saw a cloud-like figure about 6 feet tall in a hooded mantel standing sideways. I closed my eyes and opened them again and mostly sensed and somewhat saw her face. It took up the whole area the hooded figure had taken up before - then the cloud moved up and down and back and forth.

I.B. Los Angeles, CA

After arriving at the Pavilion, sitting down, closing my eyes, and there she was - smiling - a few moments and she was gone.

L.K. Vancouver, Canada

It was not as expected and she confirmed through memory release and feeling / knowing vibration / words that, yes, in fact it was / is she that I have experienced throughout my life. She was an energetic body with a mother's eyes of absolute love. She said a number of things, but primarily:

"Come to me." (repeated many times)
"See me."
"You are with me / you are me."

S.M. Nellysford, VA

I felt her take my head close to her chest and then stroke my hair. The presence was sublime. On the way back down the path, my heart was filled with love and gratitude to the point of crying.

R.R. Faber, VA

When I went up to the shrine, I saw what seemed to be an outline of blue light in the trees of a head and shoulders. It turned into a blue flame and came to rest into my heart.

M.K. Wintergreen, VA

Such a blue and white with sharp gold stars rotating about - and obviously Divine Love. Merged in my heart, the gold light obliterates the rest. And yet, her face remains seen through the fire. From afar, a figure. From within, a face and a fire.

S. H. Chicago, IL

"I went last week, it was my first visit and I was excited to go with an open heart and no expectation other than to experience my own divinity. Of course, it was glorious as the Synchronicity experience always is for me. Being bathed, submerged in my/the essence of all life.

So there I sit, wakeful and blissed. I drift off into deeper subtle dimensions, leaving my mind. Then I feel it. A bubble expanding under my sternum filling my thoracic cavity until it bursts. My whole body sort of re-settles itself. There is a kundalini effect and the blocks in my mid-thoracic dissolve. Then I had what I call a heart orgasm and the waves of energy, oneness and love expand through my chest...beautiful...oneness can only be experienced and I am so grateful to be where I am.

Life is grand is it not? With great appreciation."

JR - Charlottesville, VA

"I was sitting in the front, and I was looking at the space just above the flowers. I saw sort of an outline of a woman though I couldn't see exactly what she looked like. The image was sort of shimmering like the air above a very hot fire. Also, when I looked very closely, I saw waves coming from the center of the figure, like ripples in a pond. When I left, I saw the ripples everywhere for a while afterward."

"I was sitting in front of the Blessed Mother statue today and I saw the ripples again. I also saw a very large white aura surrounding the Blessed Mother statue. I felt as if energy was shooting into my body and I felt very hot all over. I also felt as if I was the statue."

"I saw an aura surrounding the statue of the Blessed Mother. It was very bright white and purple/lavender. I also saw a sort of circle around the statue made out of the rocks and trees behind it. I felt energy shooting into my body. It was a very strange feeling, sort of like when you put your hand into water and you feel the currents swirling around your hand. I also felt as if I knew what the statue was feeling, or what I was feeling was what the statue was feeling."

NS - Nellysford, VA

"Each day I saw vivid images at the Pavilion. After breathing and settling down into meditation with my eyes open, I usually saw a bluish light hovering over the shrine. I focused my gaze on the light until I went into a trance-like state, and everything before me disappeared and I felt one with the light. On Sunday I saw a huge-multicolored shimmering mandala in the sky over the shrine. The Blessed Mother appeared within the mandala as a form etched in bluish light. She first appeared as a Venus de Milo, then in the goddess form, and finally as a Picasso-like abstract sketch in the light. On Monday I could have stayed at the Pavilion forever. I saw Her -- a beautiful round face with large eyes and a halo around her head. She bid me to sit and watch the play of light in the trees. She made me empty and waching. I was abosrbed in the dance of colored light playing in the autumn foliage. On Wednesday during the morning walk I experienced the Blessed Mother most profoundly. At the top of the hill I heard someone breathing heavily and I realized it was the same breath as mine. As I started back down the hill I felt Her Presence occupy me most blissfully from head to toe. Her light entered my eyes and reflected Life. Her breath filled my lungs and gave Life. Her blook pumped my heart and nourished Life. I saw the world with Her eyes. I breathed Her breath. I pumped Her heart. To say it was intoxicating is a gross understatement. Later that afternoon at the Pavilion I saw in the sky two brightly colored cords tied in an elaborate Chinese knot. She said, "this ties us together." Then I closed my eyes and received transmission through the third eye."

JK - Princeton, NJ (Retreat Participant)

"For me, the tranquility is new. To be able to truly open yourself is a wonderful experience. Opens many doors. Thanks for allowing me to share."

SC - Roanoke, VA

It is interesting to note that Synchronicity Associates world-wide are reporting Her manifestations within their meditations and sleep-time since the announcement was made. Their experiences closely correspond with those who experience Her here at the Sanctuary.

We will continue to post regular updates regarding all aspects of this ongoing apparitional manifestation.