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Blessed Mother Apparition
Shrine of the Heart

The Divine Feminine, God as Mother, is appearing within the Shrine of the Heart at Synchronicity Sanctuary. This rare and miraculous apparition of the Blessed Mother is available for all to experience.

Master Charles Cannon, a modern mystic, is the Spiritual Director of Synchronicity Foundation. As detailed in his spiritual autobiography, The Bliss of Freedom, he has had ongoing apparitional experiences of the Blessed Mother throughout his life and has been guided by Her. Many prophetic sources have also confirmed what She had told him, that Her public apparition would unfold after his sixtieth birthday.

In the months leading up to his sixtieth birthday, Master Charles was informed by Her that "the time has come," and was instructed to begin preparations within a secluded area of the Sanctuary known as the "Grotto". This is the Shrine of the Heart.

As foretold, She has come into public apparitional manifestation at this time. Now, She appears for all to witness and experience. As rare as authentic apparition is, even more rare is one such as this that is available to all and everyone within a non-sectarian environment.

Listen to Master Charles' Dialogue at the
3rd Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's Apparition.

On the first evening of the Third Anniversary Celebration of the Blessed Mother Apparition, Master Charles gave the following presentation to a world-wide audience.   We invite you to participate by listening to this inspiring and empowering dialogue. 

Her First Public Message

The Blessed Mother’s first public message was delivered via Master Charles Cannon on August 21, 2006 and is as follows:

"I am the Divine Feminine,
God as Mother, Universal Creatrix,
of all that is and is not.

I come again that you might know
the truth of who you are and what life is.

God is life,
you are God.. All is God.

I am the One in the Many,
I have manifested as the Divine Feminine forms
of all cultures and religions..
Yet, I remain unto myself in eternal divinity.

I come with a simple message:
It's time to awaken.
It's time to rise to the level
of the God that you are..
the God that is all and everything."

"I Am the One in the Many"

The eternal Divine Feminine, God as Mother, has appeared cross-culturally within all spiritual / religious traditions throughout human history.  She is universally known as the Divine Mother.  Here are some examples:

  • Virgin Mary / Mother Mary (Christian / New Testament).
  • Sophia (Judaic / Gnostic /Old and New Testament).
  • Kuan Yin (Taoist).
  • Rajarajeshwari (Hindu / Tantric / Vedic).
  • Tara (Buddhist).
  • White Buffalo Woman (Native American).

A Sacred Non-Sectarian Experience

The Blessed Mother's apparitional manifestation within this non-sectarian environment is a sacred and palpable experience. Because it is experiential rather than conceptual, it is universal and is therefore available to all regardless of background or belief. Her presence awakens the awareness or consciousness which is the substratum of all and everything and is forever beyond the mind.

The entire Sanctuary surrounding the Shrine of the Heart at its center is alive with the empowering energy of Her divine manifestation. This miraculous event is a very rare and sacred opportunity to awaken to one's own divinity.

Please be aware that in manifesting in the midst of this simple, non-sectarian community, the apparition is meant to be experienced here and now. While she has appeared in the forms of all cultures and religions throughout history, Her current manifestation represents a major update and is specific to the times in which we are living. Therefore, She asks that we do not approach Her with supplications and prayers. Rather, Her wish is that we meditate and live holistically with balance in order to experience the divinity that she reflects to us as our own true nature.

We are pleased to share this miraculous experience and humbly welcome all those who wish to participate.